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ENTP Life aims to teach people how to make their dreams come to reality by life hacking, all from the perspective of an ENTP, one of Myers-Briggs’ sixteen personality types.

Life is supposed to be a highlight… explosive action packed, one of earth’s firework shows, yet too many of us live it for others instead of living it for ourselves. The main reasons for this I believe are social pressure and the attachment to money. This needs to change so we take advantage of life and live it beautifully, the way it’s supposed to be lived!

To live your dreams you need to first define them and build a plan to achieve this. When you define your dream and you’re clear that’s your calling, you should feel empowered to say it without fear of consequences. Don’t let money keep you from making your dreams come true!

ENTP Life is meant to inspire people to clearly define who they are, and provide ideas on what to do to eliminate that money concern.


Karl Pierre
ENTP Life’s founder & creator

My name is Karl Pierre, ENTP Life’s founder and creator. I have been an entrepreneur for more than half of my life and my entire adult life, and throughout this journey I’ve gained a lot of knowledge that I love to share with the world. I got here by building passive income in Healthcare and Real Estate and I now share my experiences and life hacks to show you how to break through the routine many end up falling into because of comfort or lack of information.

Like you, I was raised to put my dreams on hold in exchange for monetary success and social acceptance. I was doing everything right, school, career, family and business…yet I saw life passing me by and felt this can’t be it. My dream was to make enough money to spend my time traveling, learning, and experiencing, not as a slave to capitalism but a citizen of the world living an exciting life the way the universe intended.



Regardless of what most people might think, the pathway to wealth is quite clear and achievable once you have the right information and mindset.

After being asked this MANY times, I’m finally ready to share with you my experience and the hacks that have allowed me to become financially free to live my dreams.

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